The types of materials for dental prosthetics

The modern rhythm of life, irregular meals, eating foods that are rich in chemical and other harmful substances substances has led to lowering the age limit for people in need of prosthetics. All this has led to intensive development of dentistry is extremely useful for orthopedic direction. Proof of all of this are modern materials that are produced for prosthesis. It should be noted that only experienced dentists can ideal podpath you prosthetic material, so very careful with elections clinic, as not all of them zanimatsya preservenet, Napier stomatologica clinic Lad for a long time cared a prosthetics and inspires confidence.

For example, the composite is used to restore damaged teeth. With its help you can easily restore a damaged tooth. In this case it is not necessary to make the tooth, this material will help it simple to increase, thus, the tooth will look natural. Give it a definite shape, color, and a new tooth just won't stand out.

In the modern technology of prosthetics has become very popular ceramics. The material itself is very soft and high quality, therefore it obtained light dentures. Ceramic prosthesis is primarily the aesthetics and beauty, so it is often such a crown order on the front teeth. Such a prosthesis is perfectly mimics natural teeth in color, shape and transparency of natural enamel. Ceramic prosthesis is the most noble material, harmless to body and gums. One of the advantages is that it copes with different kinds of harmful substances, including dyes.

One of the most common materials in modern prosthetics is doped alloys based on high-strength additives such as chromium, Nickel. But there is a contraindication for people with allergies. Allergy is more suitable alloys of gold with platinum and palladium, notable for its stability and durability. Using this material makes extensive prostheses.

Further, the titanium - noble, durable and very light material. Usually prosthesis made of titanium are doing on the lateral teeth, because he loses a few in aesthetic terms. As durable and safe for fabrics is zirconium oxide. Given modern technology and the use of laser beams, it is possible to achieve the finest works from this material, which will allow more reliable to secure the prosthesis to the tooth surface.

For a very long time began to be applied plastic dentures. Unfortunately, plastic dentures lose all these modern materials. Such prostheses is largely inferior in strength and aesthetics. Typically, such a prosthesis can withstand no more than 2 years, with careful treatment. But the most important thing is that the plastic serves as an excellent environment for bacteria.

And the last one is nylon dentures, which differ from all others. Such prostheses will withstand all that they have and the strength and flexibility simultaneously. Withstand moisture, do not collect themselves microorganisms are protected from chemical exposure, and most importantly withstand voltage and high pressure.

Modern prosthetics experienced professionals, using modern material will not only improve the appearance but also your health.

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