The truth about tanning

Everyone wants to look attractive. That is why many men and women try to use the Solarium, even in winter, when you have to dress up in a hundred of clothing. Still in fashion today the sun remains in demand. In the first warm days all instantly trying to be romantic and enticing shade of your skin. Already had a lot of opinions, both positive and negative about the sun.

You can even highlight a number of erroneous opinions, which people have to pay their health. For example, there is a common misconception that before sunbathing on the beach, in the open sun, it is best to prepare the skin in the Solarium.

It is difficult to admit, but the beauty demands victims and actually, Solarium very harmful for the body. On the one hand, this method of tanning helps to make the skin darker. On the other, UVA rays, which produces Solarium, deeply penetrate into the skin and body. All this causes irreversible cell mutation that leads to rapid aging or allergies, often serious diseases, such as cancer.

Incidentally, all the equipment that is used in tanning, be sure emits radiation. And she, no doubt, several times higher than the dose of radiation from the sun into the Inferno. It is best to protect your skin from such risks. But to prepare for the sun it is very easy and simple. It will be enough just to make a short daily walks, until the skin begins to take on a pinkish hue of the new sun.

Tanning in the open sun, many people think that to feel safe using a good cream with a very high degree of protection. Moreover, most people believe that once this cream spreadable and all day the skin will be protected from the sun. This is not the case. The fact that the factor indicated on the tube of cream, gives the possibility to postpone the moment redness of the skin in the sun. Remember it is only necessary that all such sunblock act a certain amount of time. The maximum is two hours. After - must re-apply another portion of the protection.

Creams with protective filters operate on people and psychologically. Confident and carefree lovers of sunbathing, smeared in such a panacea from the sun, safely sunbathe and spend days on the beach. But, of course, these tools will protect the skin from burns, but from the other consequences will not help.

In addition, the sunscreen will protect the skin from premature aging or risk of cancer. Many of the tools with SPF in its composition have a whole bunch of harmful substances. They can immediately cause allergic reactions, and problems with the thyroid gland, the endocrine system. Specialist beauticians and dermatologists offer to buy such variants creams that its membership include exceptionally harmless additives. Among them antioxidants, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide.

Most people think that tanning is useful. Of course, in moderation dose of ultraviolet radiation will be delivered to the body much-needed vitamin D. to Overdo it with the tan, however, is not necessary. Because this vitamin is no longer ingested, as soon as the skin takes on a rosy hue in the sun. Then there are negative impacts.

Better just in General make sure to take sun baths in the shaded sections of the beach. Safest place to sunbathe then. When the sky there are clouds, they are perfectly prevent the penetration of harmful rays to human skin. Therefore, shady places on the beach are considered to be the most ideal place.

Yes what to say, even clothing may not protect from the scorching sun. This particularly applies to transparent tissue that normally sew summer clothes. To protect your skin and body from the harmful effects of intense sunlight, it is best to use the cream and under clothes, going on long walks.

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