The truth about our feelings hidden in our bodies, not individuals

According to the Daily Mail, stared the man in the face, can cause wrong interpretations of his emotions.

According to the author of the article Fiona, MacRae, a new study suggests that emotions are generated specifically by the human body, not his face.

When subjects were asked to evaluate the emotion-based model of portrait photos of people, the job was done poorly. For example, these pictures did not allow to distinguish winning the tennis tournament of losers. However, with the job they did much better, getting photos in which people were shown in full growth.

According to the author of the study Dr. Hillel of Avisera from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Western society, the predominant view of the person as the main source of information. According to the survey, probably need a view from the far angle to obtain a broader picture. Because emotions can be expressed by the entire body.

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