The truth about meat broth

Rich meat soups - familiar dishes from childhood. And even chicken soup is considered to be almost the best medicine during illness. So why are there so many write about what meat broth harmful?

A number of studies in this area revealed that the harmful substances present in the meat (antibiotics, growth hormones, used for growing animals), during cooking turn into the broth. And this can lead to serious health problems, especially for diseases such as kidney stones, gout, peptic ulcer. While the broth from the bones of the content of harmful substances even higher, as salts of heavy metals, arsenic compounds and mercury deposited it in the bones.

Than concentrated meat broth, the more it overloads the digestive system and prevents the liver. But the meat of which is welded broth, just can be used for the diet of children and adults, because it is now cleansed of chemical "additives" and excess fat.

Is it worth forgoing meat broth? Not at all. The broth of meat, especially of the diet, can help to recover after suffering a cold and severe infections. This applies in particular to the chicken broth, which have been fed the sick and the afflicted. Strong broths useful for gastritis with low acidity, patients with reduced appetite and anemia.

Vegetable soup is an excellent replacement for meat broths. They contain a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins the body needs, and no fat. Decoctions of vegetables and dietary dishes, useful for all. But not everyone is accustomed to fragrant meat soups, can abandonfrom rich broths. How can that be?

Use for soup only "proven" meat, best diet. Let it be chicken, young bull or rabbit grown on natural foods. For cooking broth take only fillet, bones will be unnecessary. The meat must be processed and washed. Then put the meat into cold water, after boiling, boil for another 10-15 minutes and drain. So you get rid of harmful substances that have fallen into the water during the process of cooking meat. After this, pour the meat new portion and continue to cook. When the secondary cooking meat, you can use no water, and vegetable broth.

You can add the broth, parsley, dill, Basil, green onions, or celery, thereby enriching it with vitamins and microelements.

Brewed according to the rules of broth not only will delight you with its taste, but also will benefit. Bon appetit!

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