The truth about hospice

People mistakenly believe that hospice is the first step to death, there are only those for whom there is no hope. However, this is just a common misconception that hospice brings comfort and dignity to patients, often that is where they are able to live a full life.

There are several myths about hospice that keep people from these institutions. For example, there have only hopeless patients. However, in hospices and treat seriously ill people who have a chance to recover, often after people return to normal life.

Do not think that hospice treat only the cancer patients aid and patients with cardiac disease, dementia, kidney disease, AIDS, Alzheimer's disease.

Hospices are not intended to carotene the last days of life, patients live in these institutions over the years, receiving quality medical care.

The only way to leave the hospice to die, this is one of the most incorrect myths created around these institutions gloomy atmosphere of despair. Supportive therapy received by the patient in the institution can raise his health to the point where he can socially to live outside of the hospice.

Certainly not for all institutions in our country, but recent reforms medicine aims to create a decent life for patients in these institutions.

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