The trust of the patient depends on the form of the service of the doctor - research

Scientists from the University of Michigan established that patients are more likely to trust the doctors in white coats and formal suits more than the experts in free form service. Data were established during the analysis of information about 30 studies involving more than 11 thousands of patients from 14 countries, writes Psych Central.

In 21 of the 30 research scientists were able to establish that patients really is the image of the doctor, which the doctors themselves must meet. Clothes affect the perception of a specialist. 18 research volunteers imagined doctor in lab coat or a formal suit. In the case of surgeons in 4 of the 7 studies for patients didn't care what kind of clothes the doctor or volunteers more confidence surgeons in the surgical suits.

The results largely depended on cultural values and age of the patients. Europeans and Americans over age 50 are accustomed to doctors in lab coats. Relatively young people in Europe and America more like assistants in casual clothes.

Scientists now plan to conduct their own research on this topic. Participation will take patients from three countries.

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