The true cause of obesity - carbon dioxide

Scientists Denmark, represented by Lars-Georg Hersha convinced: "Carbon dioxide is the main cause of global epidemic of obesity", - informs the Agency Science Nordic. On this thought gave the scientist's observation of people. Moreover, and full of people, and lean weight gained in equal proportions.

According to Hersha shows that more people in the United States grew fat during the period from 1986 to 2010 on the Eastern Atlantic coast, where he was fixing the largest concentration of carbon dioxide. Conducted laboratory animal studies have established a correlation between carbon dioxide and obesity.

Orexin - hormones, which are responsible for energy costs, wakefulness, as well as stimulating appetite, are exposed to the harmful effects of carbon dioxide. Whereupon the man lies down to sleep late, and then suffers from failures in metabolic process by which he will gain weight.

Plus, the acidity of the blood affects the neural cells of the brain that regulate appetite. The more carbon dioxide with oxygen we inhale or consume it at the same time with sodas, respectively, higher acidity, and therefore the greater the appetite.

The testing that was carried out by researchers in an isolated environment, gave the following results: increased concentration of carbon dioxide provoked a significant increase in the consumption of food by 6 percent. Also experienced heart palpitations, and testified to the impact of orexin in the hypothalamus.

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