The trend towards natural beauty comes to an end

Experts have identified trends in the development of cosmetic industry in recent years as more and more refuse customers from invasive cosmetic procedures. Doctors, however, believe that the demand for Botox and the contraction is expected to rise again this year, when the global economy begins to recover from the global crisis.

Dr. Lily Wauters says that if people don't want to inject in themselves, such as Botox, a simple facelift unlikely to produce the desired effect, because over the years, the face contour blown away and give him to his former shape impossible. The injection of Botox to restore the shape of the cheeks, for example, costs only $ 500, while the facelift will cost from six to 12 thousand dollars.

People attending the cosmetology centre at the first signs of aging, can never be resorted to lifting, because of their youthful shape of the face can be maintained with the help of injections. According to the Director of cosmetic laser surgery center Louis Grondin, 70 percent of patients are able to get rid of wrinkles only having injected Botox. Easily Botox deals with a common problem of skin hanging down his cheeks. Fillers give a rejuvenating effect and are relatively inexpensive, other rejuvenating procedures take a long time.

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This is the most simple beauty secret is to take care of their physical form. Remember that gymnastics requires not only the muscles but also the muscles of the face. Don't forget to do simple exercises to strengthen the muscles of the cheeks and then they'll be in good shape and will not lose shape, which will save you a couple thousand dollars on cosmetic surgery.

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