The traitor is calculated by one woman pictures

According to researchers at the University of Western Australia, the woman a glance at the man to determine whether he changed or not. According to the edition of Zee News, gathered a group of 200 volunteers, scientists have photographed them. People were also asked how they rate their attractiveness, and cases of infidelity on their part.

There were also questions about the facts of joining volunteers in a relationship with a man who had a relationship. It turned out that people in practice did not attach much importance to monogamy, was associated with certain characteristics.

Another group of 68 people viewed pictures of volunteers to assess the fidelity of the represented people. Men who were betrayed partners, most often calculated by the women. The following was revealed: on infidelity judged directly on masculinity - there is a wide chin, square jaw, eye-catching eyebrows. But men with a job were able to cope much worse.

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According to Professor Leah Simmons, evolution has allowed women to better train, as their losses were greater if they were a man left with a baby in her arms. The nature of women learned this biological mechanism.

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