The tomatoes will help in the treatment of male infertility - the scientists

Tomatoes can help men suffering from infertility. Scientists say, have useful properties, only red tomatoes. They increase the fertility rates in men.

The substance lycopene, coloring tomatoes in red, stimulates the formation of sperm. The data were confirmed in the analysis already conducted by 12 research papers. In all cases it has been proven that lycopene reduces the amount of damage the genetic material of the sperm. In addition, increased their number, writes The Daily Mail.

At the moment there is no exact information, does the intake of lycopene on the chance of successful pregnancy. Study author Ashok Agarwal from the Centre for reproductive medicine, Cleveland clinic emphasizes that lycopene, among other things, protects from diseases of the prostate, inhibits the development of cancer in this organ. It is possible that regular red tomatoes will reveal new secrets of human health in the future.

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