The three most popular plastic surgery

Russian plastic surgery has fifty-year history. It is difficult to talk about the sequence in which those who want to change their appearance cost operations. To say with certainty it is possible that there has been a clear tendency to increase the total number of surgical interventions of this kind.

Rhinoplasty.Under rhinoplasty, you need to consider correction of the nose. Surgeons often ask their patients if we are not talking about reconstructive surgery after trauma, it is good to think about having this kind of surgery. Rhinoplasty nose - a very painful process. In open rhinoplasty doctor works with the outside of the nose. In particularly sensitive cases, the doctor comes in the form of a closed rhinoplasty, correcting all defects inside of the nose (cartilage, septum). In fact, when such operations are changing not only the form of the nasal wings, but easily corrected long and the width of the nose, the patient ceases to be carnosum or get rid of the profile with a hump. In General, rhinoplasty surgeons are shown mainly for correction of defects after serious injury. The cost of all the different clinics.

Liposuction.Liposuction is the removal of excess fat deposits in order to adjust the shape. Liposuction do in several ways: laser, water jet and cryolipolysis was on a special apparatus. Recommended by doctors, this type of plastic surgery only patients with a body weight, a bit corresponding to that ideal for growth. After this rather offensive operations can be complications of different order. Unsightly scars - the most harmless option. Don't always blame the doctor. Often the body does not perceive such a way to interfere in his work.

Otoplasty.Plastic surgery for defects protruding ears, patch shape of the auricle (reconstructive otoplasty) have become quite popular. The doctors are not trying to convince patients to give up this kind of plastic surgery. If the parents see that the ears of the baby more than 30 cm away from the head, as early as preschool age can carry out this operation under General anesthesia. Adult otoplasty is often done by "freezing" the procedure is not very painful and almost always without side effects.

Beautiful outside't know. Most importantly, people, before any intervention in the life of a plastic surgeon, should get a good idea of the possible negative consequences to undergo a thorough examination and to prepare for surgery very seriously.

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