The three main causes of liver cancer

The liver plays a huge role in our body: it removes from the blood of toxins, regulates metabolism, serves as a barrier to infections and cope even with dozens of important functions. Accordingly, the vital body must be protected from any possible danger, including from cancer.

Prevention is always better than cure, and therefore, the understanding of what can be cause of liver cancer, will make it possible to protect yourself from this disease. There are several factors that contribute to disease development:

If you have never suffered from these problems, the likelihood of developing liver cancer is almost certainly low. But do not miss the opportunity every two to three years to complete a simple survey, for example, to do an ultrasound and blood tests. Follow the diet (avoid overly fatty foods), do not abuse alcohol and provide yourself enough rest.

If you are at risk, do not leave without attention the appearance of unpleasant sensations in the right hypochondrium. In the case of continuous or frequent pain should be as fast as possible to pass a severe examination.

Among other symptoms developing liver cancer can be identified:

If there is a strong suspicion, supported by the presence of overt symptoms, should immediately diagnose, to come to a final conclusion and to identify ways of treatment. Effective methods are:

If the diagnosis was confirmed, should immediately seek help from a qualified doctor-oncologist. Early detection and effective treatment methods guarantee that you will be able to cope with illness. Depending on the stage at which a tumor, doctors can prescribe surgery, radio - or chemotherapy.

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