The thickest person in the world dropped 300 pounds

51-year-old resident of the UK, Paul Mason , who was voted the fattest man in the world, lost almost 300 pounds. Recently, it weighed nearly 440 pounds, and rescuers were forced to dismantle the wall of the house where Paul lived, in order to take him to the hospital.

At the moment, the weight of the fat is 159 pounds. To lose this amount of weight he was helped by an operation on the stomach. He was cut, and now its size is not larger than a chicken egg, the Sun reports. And most importantly, the British are not going to stop.

He made it his goal to reach a weight of 88 pounds, then he's going to start a new life: to get rid of the excess skin that prevents normal movement, learn how to drive a car, open your own jewelry business and to write a book about how he managed to achieve such stunning results.

And, finally, to start a family and live a full life.

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