The tendency to study languages related to genes – scientists

Researchers from Washington University have found: the ability to learn foreign languages has a close relationship with genetic factors. The results of the work done, says the publication Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

There are genes that affect certain structures of the brain gallonage. Activity in some areas, experts say, increases or reduces linguistic abilities.

In total, the study involved 79 volunteers from China. Subjects were asked to pass a test of minimum knowledge of English. Most of who agreed to the experiment coped with the task.

Next, volunteers were sent on an intensive course in the English language, which lasted three weeks. Within eight weeks of the course, the researchers observed changes in the brain of volunteers.

It turned out that active learning a foreign language strengthens connections in the white matter of the brain. Note that the positive effect remained for three weeks. Further, the functioning of the nervous system back to the original level. Scientists suggest that the outdoor phenomenon is associated with the COMT gene variants and other personal characteristics of people.

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