The temperature of the newborn is normal or pathology?

Crumbs, just born arouse young mothers a lot of questions. Although the time during which the baby is called a newborn, only lasts 28 days, each of them filled with anxiety moms, especially for the health of the child. Therefore, any apparent or real, deviation from normal can cause a real panic among parents. In this article we will talk about the temperature in newborn babies her age norms and about when you need to immediately call the doctor on the house.

While mother and baby are in the hospital, the body temperature of the child is measured, usually twice a day, most newborns on the third or fourth day it rises to 37.5 - 39°C. This is due to the adaptation of the organism of the baby for life outside the womb.

Before you can measure the body temperature of the child, you need to remember about some features of newborns in particular and the human body in General. For a start, you should know that the normal body temperature of a baby after birth is 36,3 - 37.5°C.

This indicator depends on what area measurement. So, in the oral cavity temperature will be greater (36,6 is 37.3° C) than in the armpit (36,4 is 37.0° C), but less than in the rectum (36,9-37,5° C).

Also in order to obtain accurate data, the child should be in a calm state, because, for example, immediately after bathing or feeding, the temperature will be slightly above normal. This is because the baby spends an enormous amount of energy to perform such from the point of view of adults, simple actions, what temperature instantly rises.

Also on indicators of impact and time of day. All people body temperature at night and early in the morning as during the day or evening.

All children are individual and in order to know exactly what the temperature is normal for your child, you need to measure in three days, morning, noon and night, at the same time, and then calculate the average, and you should focus on in the future.

If your kid climbed a low temperature (up to 38°C), but it feels good and eats with appetite, it is sufficient to observe the child and measure it every hour. If the thermometer shows 38°C and above, and the baby was lethargic, not eating and a lot of naughty, then a doctor should be called immediately, and before he came to try to make the crumbs.

This put him in lighter clothing, remove the diaper, because he hinders heat transfer. If the baby is breastfed, let's Breasts more often, and if artificial, offer a drink of water. At temperatures above 39°, baby, you can wipe with water at room temperature. Apply vinegar or vodka solution for these purposes is not recommended to avoid skin rashes and contact chemical elements in the child's body through the skin.

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Most importantly, don't worry! Caring for your baby will give you results and a speedy recovery.

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