The team was able to debunk the popular stereotype of the ECO

Many tend to believe that IVF is directly correlated with a reduction in the level of intellectual development in children. However, the Indian scientists say that children, the conception of which was carried out by the so-called art - technologies of reproduction, which belongs to EKO, the level of cognitive abilities is absolutely not inferior to those, whose conception is the result of sexual intercourse between the parents.

In addition, the researchers found that many of conceived using IVF children, on the contrary, show significantly greater gains in cognitive tests than those who were conceived naturally.

According to experts, in the recent past, assisted reproductive technologies are largely contributed to the increase in the probability of premature delivery, multiple pregnancy and the birth of children with insufficient body mass, which, as you know, it can cause pathologies and abnormalities during development.

The researchers argue that more recently, in this sense, much has changed for the better. Technological progress has allowed to reduce the risk of multiple pregnancy and the associated negative phenomena. The scientists also stress that the plan for IVF it's best in youth.

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