The taste of the beer promotes the release of the hormone dopamine pleasure

Scientists found the reason why many people love beer. As it turned out, after drinking beer in the body starts producing the hormone of pleasure dopamine, which gives a person a good mood. It is dopamine, which simultaneously acts as a hormone and neurotransmitter that causes a person to drink another Cup or more of this drink. By the way, dopamine is produced exactly from the beer taste, and not from the contained alcohol. To this opinion of the experts from Indiana University.

Members of families who were seen cases of alcoholism, the production of dopamine was more than those of people in families where alcoholism was not. The study consisted in scanning the brain 49 men after they drank beer, and after they have consumed the energy drink. As shown by the analysis of the results, after consumption of beer there is more dopamine.

Participating in the experiment the men talked about what would like to drink more beer even after they had drunk only 15 milliliters. After "energy" such desires do not arise, despite the fact that his taste was rated as more pleasant. Experts believe that this is a Prime example of how the taste of the drink can have an impact on the brain.

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According to the author of the study Dr. David Kareken conducted their experiment proved that the taste of most alcoholic drinks can trigger the production of dopamine in those brain areas that are responsible for the promotion. Dose 15 ml could not cause intoxication, but it was enough to stimulate the production of dopamine.

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