The surviving bacteria can become newability

Scientists had discovered a special adaptation mechanism in bacteria, increase the strength of the antibiotic increases the invulnerability of the microbe, according to the journalists of popular scientific publications "Health of Ukraine".

The main reason for the rapid reproduction of harmful microorganisms, showing drug resistance, researchers have called uncontrolled use of antibiotics. A group of scientists from Germany and the UK presented summarized results of his research in this area.

The researchers concluded that a strong antibiotic, which they overwhelmingly influenced the growth of coliform bacteria, which rapidly increased the degree of drug resistance in surviving bacteria. In addition, it was found that these bacteria are able to include special protection mechanism for the formation of resistance not only to the use of antibiotics, but also creates resistance to other antimicrobial agents with whom they had no contact. Using combinations of two or three drugs only helped to accelerate this process, in situations where at least a few dangerous microorganisms could survive.

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