The survey showed: personal physician for women is the Internet

The woman of the present, feeling unwell, are increasingly resorting to the help of the Internet, but not the doctor. The survey is about 1 thousand women showed that about half of them, attempting to find the cause of their ailments in the Network, before you go to the clinic to see the doctor, writes The Telegraph.

Half of the respondents categorically stated that, putting herself diagnosis using the site, please go to the pharmacy and get the appropriate medicine, and, thus, will not even bother to consult with the pharmacist about the benefits of a drug. And, as statistics show, in the end, every fourth go wrong by purchasing not what she was really required.

It will be good if the damage is caused merely by their own budget. But, as evidenced by the survey results: one out of ten "diagnoses" the case was judged unpleasant side effects.

The reason a woman chooses the Internet, can be very different. Each 10-I am a woman does not have the slightest desire to discuss their health problems with their families, to, as they say, "create a buzz". Third you get into the Network from the banal impatient, tired to stay pending final diagnosis, and a quarter - because, according to them, just "afraid" to talk with the medical cause of his ailments.

Perhaps as a result, between the discovery of problems and a visit to the doctor very often takes a lot of time. This "window" in every third case is about two weeks, and each 20-m - a year or more.

In women the most common cause of anxiety is the problem with sleep, headache, depression, muscle pain, itching, and fatigue. Each 5-I some time had suspected serious illness - often it was breast cancer. At the same time, most women were mistakenly diagnosed with thrush, asthma and high blood pressure.

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