The surgery: rhinoplasty

Nose is the most difficult operation in the field of plastic surgery. All the complexity associated not only with individual and anatomical features of the nose, but also with external changes after the operation to which the patient should be well prepared from a psychological point of view.

The most common causes of respiratory failure and deformation of the nose, are injured. There is a myth that you need to wait 10 days after injury, and then only to see a specialist. Turning right, you can reposition the bones, after which the operation is simply not needed.

Is rhinoplasty exclusively to people who have reached the age of majority.

Indications for plastic nose

-Deformation of the shape of the nose.

-Respiratory disorders.

-Deformation of the septum of the nose.

- The effects of trauma.

The consequences of a previous rhinoplasty.

1. Closed rhinoplasty. Hold it through intranasal incisions. While outside, leaving no traces.

2. Open rhinoplasty. It is usually used when you have surgery. Subsequently, only a small scar.

Usually perform rhinoplasty under General anesthesia. And for the surgeon and for the patient it is very convenient that in the future will not have any complications.

The duration of operation

The average duration 60-80 minutes. Ends the operation overlay hemostatic sponges and gypsum.

When the operation is conducted, the patient begins to deviate from the anesthesia and transferred to the ward. About 2 days removed from the nose swabs.

During the week under the eyes can be observed swelling and bruising. During this period, use special creams to remove them.

In the hospital, the surgery is about 3-4 days. Then it comes to 14 days to remove the plaster splint is set. Until that time, the patient should visit the doctor every day.

First passes early rehabilitation. Take it 3-4 days before the hollow resorption of swelling, bruising and to restore breathing.

Final rehabilitation can take up to a year. The patient does not have any limitations on your lifestyle.

Early in the period up to 3 days of possible bleeding. Stop it with the help of tamponade of the nose.

-Later: possible expansion of the coarse connective tissue that usually lead to scar deformation. When issues arise, use special tools to make it possible to avoid re-operation.

Rhinoplasty is a procedure, sometimes giving just a delightful effect. If breast augmentation surgery or stomach should long to wait for the result, then after rhinoplasty effect is already noticeable the next day. It is rhinoplasty can advertise surgeon without much advertising, as a result, as they say in the face!

The article was written with the support of the "speak" - the clinic of plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

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