The surface of the cell phone 10 times dirtier than toilet seats

Just in the United States, the number of mobile phones is more than 320 million pieces. Half of them use throughout the day, reports ABC News. Doctors suspect that in the midst of the season of epidemics, the phones can be a major source of infection.

American doctors are advised not only to wash their hands often, but also clean up mobile phones. According to Chuck Emblem, Professor of Microbiology from the University of Arizona, cell phones dirtier seats toilets ten times. Use powerful cleaning agents during cleaning of mobile phones is not recommended, and indeed few who cleans your phone. Cell phones are always with man. 75 percent of the 1000-language showed that wearing a cell phone with you even in the toilet. You can make the appropriate conclusions.

Of course, you can try to wipe with alcohol the phone, but in this case, the risk that you will deteriorate the coating of the phone. That is why, on sale in the U.S. special cleaners for equipment, are especially in demand.

It should be noted that these funds will not save. Touch once to any surface bacteria from hands move on her. This is confirmed by the experiment, which was conducted by Professor Emblem. He put the influenza virus on the door handle in one of the offices, thus, wanting to know the speed of the spread of the virus.

As it turned out, if the virus gets on the hands of one person, after 4 hours it will go to the arms 40 percent of the workers in the office people. It is therefore worthwhile to wash your hands before you touch the phone, and well worth a stop to touch her face. As shown by the results of another study, people, on average, touching his face 16 times in one hour.

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