The supercomputer will summarize the work of doctors

Powerful computers are widely used in the medical field for the analysis of huge amounts of data. Most often, such systems calculate the formula of chemicals, drugs and other activities that the group of scientists without a computer would take centuries. In the new study, doctors used the system, for example, to see how proper treatment plans choose doctors in modern hospitals.

"Cognitive technologies are a set of mathematical methods, algorithms and computer technologies to create intelligent machines. Recently one of the most successful approaches for solving individual problems is deep learning. Here we use deep neural networks of various types that allow for a wide class of algorithms depending on the data on which they are trained," says George Satarov, head of the Department of productization analytical solutions company Technoserv.

Modern technology is not standing still. Similar systems are used for the analysis of images obtained on MRI and ultrasound, various tests. Required supercomputers and for genetic analysis of cancer markers. Recently in Russia implemented system, partially replacing the doctor. Separate the device independently measures the weight of the patient, his pulse and other vital signs.

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