The sun winked escaped the planet Earth

The next day, after it became clear that the world will not end, but rather: December 22, the Sun winked to all mankind. The star called the Sun in the photograph that made orbital dynamics Observatory Sun NASA.

The effect winks became visible due to three spots from magnetic activity on the surface. Images of these spots some recalled images from the first fiction film "journey to the moon," writes The Daily Mail. Except that they are of artistic value, these images have a more practical, because with their help you can learn about the processes that occur on the surface of the Sun.

Experts from NASA, commenting on these pictures, did not forget to remind you about all the fears of mankind before the Apocalypse. As joked the head archeoastronomical center John Carlson:

It should be noted that John Carlson is one of the authors of the roller, in which experts from NASA to answer the question, why didn't you come to the end of the world, and which broke records for hits on the Internet.

This video has caused different reactions among the audience, as some of them have made the assumption that the NASA employees are afraid of the Apocalypse and so posted the video in the Internet before the fatal day.

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