The sun is not the only risk factor for skin cancer

As soon as it comes to skin cancer, I immediately comes to mind ultraviolet radiation. According to American scientists such Parallels between the sun and melanoma are unfounded, as a heavenly body is the highest risk factor. Scientists from the medical center at the University of Rochester believe that caused by sun damage tends to accumulate, and thus, the longer one spends in the sun, the more increases the risk of developing melanoma. The skin does not understand, tans whether the person once for one hour or 12 times for 5 minutes each. The only important thing is that the DNA of skin cells accumulate damage.

Meanwhile, according to U.S. scientists, the sun is not the only risk factor for skin cancer. The melanoma can lead tattoo, some diseases, and contact with a number of chemical compounds. And organ transplantation increases the risk of developing skin cancer is almost 200 times. Several risk factors can not be attributed Solarium, although there are people who believe that tanning causes much less harm than the sun's rays. Such lovers of artificial tanning scientists recommend to reconsider their opinion, because it is wrong. Experts believe that no matter where the threat to the skin from an artificial source or from the sun. Ultraviolet radiation in large quantities equally harmful. From this point of view also dangerous UV dryer for nails that are used during a manicure.

It should also be noted that melanoma is not the only form of skin cancer, as known in medicine and non-melanoma tumors. According to statistics from the American Academy of dermatology, each year in the United States recorded more than 3.5 million cases of occurrence of squamous and basal skin cancer. They are not as dangerous as melanoma, affecting every year almost 75 000 American citizens. In addition, due to melanoma in the United States die each year, about 9 thousand people, and 2 thousands of deaths accounted for by other types of skin cancer.

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