The study of Japanese scientists: green tea remained useful and this time

Another study of green tea, conducted this time by scientists from Japan, came to the conclusion that its regular consumption can provide a peaceful old age. Japanese experts have conducted an extensive survey, which was attended by 14 thousand people of different genders in the age group over 65 years. Eventually it became clear that the so-called doctors, "functional disability", occurs much less frequently in people who drank at least 5 cups of green tea regularly.

13 percent of participants who did not consume green tea, or did it in sufficient number, in the first three years research has begun to show the first symptoms of "functional disability". Meanwhile, older people who drank more than five cups a day, continued to remain active and independent members of society, led an active lifestyle and were less socially isolated.

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It should also be noted that the term "functional disability" means the combination of all sorts of health problems that prevent a person to live, to move, to earn a living and be able to properly care for themselves at home.

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