The study of Human-elephant" will help scientists to unravel the mechanisms of cancer development

The study of the remains of the "Man-elephant" will help scientists to unravel the mechanisms of cancer. In the course of going the bones, The Daily Mail reports. It is noted that in the body of this person noted the abnormal growth and division of cells. This process had a lot in common with tumor development.

Scientists plan to study DNA. This will help to understand the mechanisms of tumor development, predisposing factors for the initiation of the neoplastic process, especially the transformation of normal cells into cancer cells.

Joseph Carey Merrick lived in the 19th century. His nickname "the elephant Man" he got because of the huge tumors that crippled his body since birth. Already two years the doctors knew that the child will not be able to live and develop, but by the time the medicine was not ready to treat such diseases. The disease caused the man to flee to London to perform in the circus show.

Average years, the man refused performances due to a sharp deterioration in his health. Hospitalization and treatment activities did not help the patient, and Joseph Carey Merrick died at the age of 27 years.

Today, scientists are trying to unravel the cause of his death. One of the theories is the presence of a syndrome Proteus. This disease is associated with abnormal growth of bones and skin. Pathology occurs more frequently in men. The result is the body and internal organs, skin roughness, increases the risk of blood clots.

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