The study completely destroyed the existing gender stereotypes

The study completely destroyed the existing stereotype that men are more sexually active than women. It turns out that this is not the case, and women not fewer sexual partners than men. It was proved by scientists, who found the truth with the help of a fake lie detector. Naturally, every person about her sex life says something that is not foreign to the cultural expectations of society regarding relations between the sexes. If we are talking not about sex, then the man begins without fear to Express their preferences in a particular area, absolutely not thinking about the fact, like do it to others.

Researchers found that, contrary to stereotypes, students tell each other that sometimes writing poetry, while women consider this lesson feminine. At the same time, the student can admit that sometimes go vulgar jokes, and sorted by number of alcohol. But as soon as it comes to sex, men begin to talk about the hundreds of partners they had, and about the huge experience in the intimate sphere. Women, in turn, prefer to remain silent on this topic to appear around the top of chastity, as befits a real lady.

According to the study's author, Professor Ohio University, Terry Fisher, talking about sex, people pay more attention to how each of them corresponds to a gender stereotype, and as soon as one is confronted with a deviation from it, there is a kind of anxious feeling.

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