The strokes - first signs and help

The stroke is very dangerous for human life, because if after the incident hit the person will not be rendered emergency medical care within the first five hours, it can lead to paralysis of the whole body, or to death.

Stroke brain can manifest itself in different ways, but most often it is not very visible to the eyes of others, than it becomes even more dangerous.

First of all the main sign of stroke may be sudden and severe headache. The human face can greatly blush, slow pulse, pupils will temporarily cease to react to light. Most people blame a bad feeling and keep silent about their pain. Next can happen paralysis of one part of the body that is opposite the head part of the brain, the blood vessels leading to stroke. The result is broken it, some people instantly lose consciousness. These are the main signs of stroke, but there are rules that will help to reveal the incident to kick someone in your family who just writes off all these syndromes bad health.

Ask the person to raise one of the limbs. Most often the person who has just suffered a stroke, will not be able to do that because completely impaired control of musculoskeletal systems. Ask, for example, raise one hand and squeeze it in my fist. It will be almost impossible.

Next, ask the person will smile. Smile will turn the curve on one side of the person, or people just won't be able to do it. You can make him say some complex sentence, and the job is simply not to be understood by the man who had a stroke.

If these symptoms occur in a person, immediately call skoroy help. Other opportunities to help the patient simply no, only highly skilled medical intervention will help to prevent the consequences of this strike, or to reduce them to a minimum.

Remember that any delay may be fatal. So you can see all the signs of a stroke and immediately call the ambulance, this is the only option to save the patient. If you have felt such discomfort, don't take a chance and ask for help to okrujaushim or in the hospital.

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