The stress associated with "housing issue" affects the immune system

Stressors have a negative impact on human health. They take down the organs and systems that cause an imbalance in the body, increasing the risk of chronic diseases. On the eve of scientists from the University of Carnegie-melon conducted a study aimed at examining the influence of the "housing problem" on the person's state of health. It turned out that the problem with the apartment may adversely affect the level of immune protection. It is worth noting that the changes are so severe that they are able to touch the human DNA.

In the present study involved 152 persons, who were to pass a global survey and the survey. The study showed that unresolved "housing problem" reduced normal levels in the blood. The absence of their own homes were affected particularly badly. In certain cases, decreased length of telomeres in cells of the immune protection. In addition, problems with the apartment reduced barrier properties of the organism, which was often the cause of colds.

Scientists say that financial problems, sexual differences, weight problems and bad habits are not able to influence specifically on this genetic structure.

It is worth remembering about the study conducted by Norwegian scientists earlier. They proved that yoga can strengthen the immune system and stimulate the activity of immune cells.

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