The stress and pace of life increases the demand for ECO

Before in vitro fertilization was popular among middle aged women with problems conceiving a child. But now it turned to the young lady, who could not become pregnant because of the constant stress, irregular working hours and late marriages.

Expert in IVF and gynecologist Indira, Ganeesh notes that before the average age of her patients was 38-45 years, but now in the age group of those in need of treatment of women has been a shift. About 70 of its patients are in the age from 23 to 32 years. However, clearly demonstrated this trend only in urban areas. Apparently, it is caused by prolonged stress, difficulties at work, many couples simply do not have the time to pay special attention to the deep relationships that play a role in the problem pregnancy.

IVF is the fertilization of ova by sperm outside the body, to improve performance, the patient receives hormone injections, after which the egg is extracted and fertilized with the sperm of the partner, and again return to the bosom of a woman.

It is also an important reason for the growing popularity of ECO is to change the mindset of the people, previously couple believed that IVF is not a natural way to get pregnant, now in the perception of people has been a shift, the concept of artificial insemination opened more and more people. Increased awareness of pairs of IVF, chrome also increased solvency young couples.

But unfortunately young couples choose fertilization bypassing other methods of struggle for pregnancy, such as full women to improve fertility will help weight loss, but yoga and sport improves blood circulation in the genitals. Giving up bad habits and some of the products increases the chances of getting pregnant, but often young couples do not want to try first, all of these methods.

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