The stress and anxiety of pregnant women affect the nature of the unborn child

Often young mothers complain doctors that their child often and causeless crying. Some, on the contrary, born calm children who start crying only critical for a child situations.

Scientists have tried to understand the causes and consequences of the phenomenon. This was conducted surveillance of women in the first trimester of pregnancy. In the second phase, the researchers observed for native-born children.

It was found that the stress and anxiety after conception greatly affect the mental status of the unborn child. Mothers exposed to constant nervous tension in the first trimester, significantly more children were born, who often cry.

While it is difficult to explain why this is happening. Apparently, a child's character is formed on the prenatal stage, a certain influence of the stress hormones of the mother, which may be transmitted to the fetus.

Scientists advise pregnant women to keep calm, do not overwork, try not to get upset over nothing. Then the chance of giving birth to a healthy and happy child is significantly increased.

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