The stimulation helps to get rid of Parkinson's disease

Experience on rats have shown that electrical stimulation of the spinal cord allows you to defeat some of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, says Medical News Today. The development of pathology associated with loss of neurons, the person ceases to control his movements, his deteriorating memory and sleep. Symptoms constantly growing. Partially solve the problem helps the drug L-dopa, but its constant use is addictive, and the efficiency decreases.

Quite effective electrical stimulation of the brain. However, the procedure is invasive, so it appointed a small proportion of patients. Scientists say that spinal cord stimulation is more secure. Back in 2009, scientists at Duke University have developed a device for carrying out such procedures. Then it was tested on laboratory mice and noted its effectiveness.

Electrical discharges normalize the nervous system, the movements of the mice became more smooth, neurological symptoms were decreased. Next, the researchers used a technique long stimulation, which continued for six weeks 2 times a week.

This method had a more pronounced effect. In laboratory animals was improved motor skills, their weight is normalized. Electrical impulses activated neurons and locomotor activity was increased.

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