The statement about the dangers of excessive consumption of salt is unproven

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, found that a nutritious diet with low salt content no advantage in itself does not. The experiment was conducted as in recent years more and more experts were of the opinion that excessive salt intake is dangerous for human health. But as American scientists have found no evidence of such approval not.

In addition, there is no evidence to claim that the consumption of small amounts of salt can positively affect health. And experts from the Institute of medicine in the United States stated that the reasons for limiting salt intake no. One teaspoon of sodium per day is the optimal dose, and its less consumption is not justified. It has been estimated that the average American daily uses of 3,400 milligrams of salt, while the recommended rate is 2300 milligrams. Those people who are prone to the development of various diseases, it is recommended not to exceed the established norm in 1500 mg.

In any case, according to experts who conducted the study, eating less than 2,300 mg of salt no positive effect on health status does not leave.

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