The stated calorie foods in fast food restaurants understated

Information about the calorie content of meals in restaurants can be a good step in the fight against obesity. However, a new study by the food network American restaurants concluded that 19 percent of meals were at least 100 calories more nutritious than was claimed by the administration of the restaurant.

Just was measured caloric 269 products from well-known American chain restaurants, the samples were randomly selected in fast food establishments in different cities of the USA. On average, the food turned out to be 10 calories more nutritious stated that can be considered relatively accurate information to consumers. However, 19 percent of the products were nutritious at least 100 calories, and one sample was calorie specified standards by as much as 1000 calories.

Also the so-called diet products were in the 90 units caloric stated. Food nutrient profiles below the claimed restaurants found.

Such misinformation of the population complicates the process of controlling excess weight, as visitors actually eat more junk food than they think.

Probably, this discrepancy is explained with quality control in the manufacture of dishes in the kitchen. As a rule, restaurants rely on workers in the cooking process.

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On average, one third of the daily diet of the average American is food from restaurants and cafes, reducing the nutritional quality of fast food would help to deal with the national problem of obesity.

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