The state hopes for rapid development of private medicine

Private medicine has existed since ancient times. In the last two decades of paid medical services and private clinics are rapidly gaining momentum. Private medicine is becoming a full participant in the business, built on the treatment and prevention of diseases. However, members of the investment holding FINAM believe that additional investment in the private health system for the development of this sector. Noted a certain lack of funds, reported the online edition of Remedium.

Scientists analyzed the information and came to the conclusion that changes in the health care system will lead to the development of the private sector medical business. Transition financing of this sphere in the direction of mandatory health insurance will reduce the quality and quantity of provided free medical services in government hospitals. It is worth noting that Vladimir Putin last summer expressed the need for development of private medicine in the Russian Federation. This field must be a full-fledged alternative to state hospitals and clinics.

Interestingly, some areas of medicine have already moved into the private sector almost completely. These include, first and foremost, dentistry, then goes urology, gynecology, proctology.

Experts say that changes in the field of private medicine can be negatively perceived by the population. Perhaps the quality will be reduced in favor of reporting. The development of the private sector in some cases are not able to give the desired result and to improve the quality of life of citizens. Private clinics may not be a panacea of Russia's healthcare system, and state medicine needs additional funding and modernization. Just so, says Mikhail Batin, the representative of the increase in life expectancy, you can come to progress in the field of health.

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