The state Duma: the migrants will be required to purchase health insurance policies

According to the proposal of the state Duma, the purchase of the policy of medical insurance before entry into the territory of Russia will be the responsibility of the migrants or their employers will be required to provide insurance for their workers. Round table on the subject of legislative regulation of issues related to the provision of medical assistance to migrants included recommendations such proposals.

In accordance with the data of the FMS number arriving in Russia migrants varies from 13 to 14 million annually. Such information is contained in the report of the member of the state Duma Committee on health protection of Salii Musabaeva, who spoke during the meeting. She said that the number of arrivals during the first half of this year was 25% higher than the same period in 2011. According to the MP, the mass of the apparent predominance of migrant workers.

As written in the documents for the meeting, surely the presence of the clearly expressed desire of a large number of migrants to engage in illegal employment without a work permit, without going through the registration at the place of stay or not officially signing the employment contract.

Recommendations to the government of the Russian Federation parliamentarians raised the question: is it possible to create a unified inter-Agency information database on labour migrants with regard to their health. At the same time recommended to consider the proposal for the establishment of centers for medosvidetelstvovanie entering Russia on the territory of the main countries of origin of migrants (by the standards of health of Russia), including using as a base centres for the promotion of immigration in the Russian Federation.

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The Ministry of health recommended to assist FMS in the enforcement of legislation in matters of checking migrants of medpolicy at the entrance to the borders of Russia, to strengthen work with public institutions to verify the legitimacy of the presence of foreign citizens in Russia.

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