The spread of HIV is of concern to the Greek doctors

According to the representative of the state centre for the epidemiological monitoring of Greece, in 2012 there was a marked increase in the number of HIV infections that were higher than even the worst predictions.

Only for the period of January-October 2012, there were no less than 1040 new patients, of whom men - 883, female - 166. If in the past years among the reasons for the spread of the virus was mainly dominated by homosexual sex, then this year a source of infection in approximately half of the people were intravenous drug use. It is noteworthy that for all of last year managed to secure a total of 206 cases, and incomplete this year became infected more than 500 people.

Thus, when compared with 2010, the number of infections among drug users has increased 35 times. All HIV-positive are 13 thousand inhabitants of Greece, and since the discovery of the virus in the country from him died more than 2 thousand people.

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