The sooner you quit Smoking, the longer it will live

Good news from the British scientists for those who quit. They concluded that, abandoning bad habits, people will be able to increase the ten-year duration of his life.

Scientists from Oxford University have made a study of the lives of more than a million women, dates of birth, which occurred in the 40-ies of the last century. Conducting a large-scale experiment took a total of 12 years. In the beginning, in 1996, its members, who were 55 years, completed the questionnaire, answering questions related to their way of life.

And the job of researchers women performed in the course of every three years once. Active smokers experts took 20% of the participants, 28% were considered to quit Smoking and not Smoking never - 52%. From participating in the survey in 2011 died 66 thousand.

Once the data was processed, it was found that the death occurred in smokers are significantly more likely than those who did not smoke or quit Smoking. The results were influenced by the age at which there was a refusal of bad habits. For example, if women stopped Smoking at the age of 30 years, deaths among them was much less than among leaver after forty. The increased mortality among smokers was causing the disease, associated usually with Smoking, such as lung cancer.

According to researchers from Oxford by sir Richard pito, women born around 1940, belong to the first generation in which a constant or frequent Smoking has become an everyday item adult life in its entirety. This explains why only in the 21st century has made possible the observation of the effects of such prolonged Smoking and long out of cigarettes, expressed in premature mortality among women.

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