The sons take the health of mothers, scientists

The presence of the son greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in mothers. This is the conclusion of experts in the framework of recent research. For eight years, scientists have studied the health of 100 thousand women, writes The Daily Mail.

The boys are sons create additional psychological and physical stress on mothers. Boys, statistically, more likely to get into a difficult situation and scrapes.

The results of the study, most women after pregnancy continued to work, 60% was at this time at least one child requiring constant care. And this, according to scientists, threaten the cardiovascular system of mothers, whereas the presence of a young son would significantly increase the risk of heart diseases.

A working mother with two sons had 2 times higher risk of cardiovascular disease: strokes, heart attacks, coronary heart disease and other pathologies. Experts from the University of Turin believe that a daughter can give a lot of support, so such a severe problem with the health of mothers is not observed.

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