The Solarium is more dangerous than is

Coming Solarium people are at risk of developing skin cancer, even if sunbathe for long. Used in the Solarium type of UV radiation leads to the defeat of the inner layers of the skin, i.e. on the surface of their harmful effects are not visible.

Scientists from king's College London believe that UVA radiation leads to a serious risk of developing skin cancer, as they focus on areas under the outer layers, where cell division.

These rays cause serious damage to the DNA of the skin, especially in the base layer, where there are the most important organic processes. If the damage to the upper layers is not so dangerous, so they themselves die off over time, the damage within dividing cells can be extremely detrimental.

Damage to the outer layers can occur without external burn, which means that the visitor to the Solarium can nothing to suspect.

Doctors strongly advised to apply before bath for sunburn special cream.

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