The software will help doctors to diagnose brain cancer

The introduction of "smart" computer programs will allow doctors to more accurately diagnose. Scientists from the University of Case Western proved that they created the system better radiologists distinguishes the tumor tissue from healthy or underwent radiation treatment. MRI gives a fairly accurate picture of what is happening in the brain, however, some unresolved questions the doctors will inevitably arise. The program will reduce them to a minimum, writes

The effectiveness of the established system programmers confirmed in the experiment. One and the same MRI image was showing the doctors and loaded into the program. The computer has established a correct diagnosis in 12 cases out of 15, the doctors were wrong on average half as often.

After radiation therapy there is a partial loss and malignant and healthy cells of the brain. As a result, the area of irradiation sometimes is a random jumble of fabrics. Even an experienced specialist in this case can not sometimes say, relapse or dead parts of the tumor. Additional software in the form of the new program will allow you to do this with high accuracy.

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