The smartphone will talk about the hidden bacterial infection of the owner

The mobile phone contains on its surface a large number of bacteria, including pathogenic. Up to 80% of most common bacteria make an imprint on the phone screen may occur after the conversation, writes the BBC.

The spread of the bacterial infection you can easily monitor the personal belongings of a person. According to statistics, we touch the phone on average 150 times a day. Clearly, there is a coincidence of the flora of man and spread your phone. Data was proved in the study of the genetic apparatus of microbes with large fingers 17.

The scientists compared the bacteria from your fingers and bacteria on your phone screen. Only 51 of the studied sample was found more than 7 thousand samples of bacteria. About 22% of bacteria coincided on the phone and fingers. Often found streptococci, staphylococci, and Corynebacterium.

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