The smartphone, as a test for allergens

In our day multi purpose smartphones known. But what they have and in addition can detect various allergens is something new. Using a special gadget, smartphone detects the presence of allergens in food, writes This was developed by scientists from the University of California and is quite relevant, as it is not always on the label of the product you can find its real composition. And it's not the fact that its manufacturers is specially hide, but simply there is a possibility of product contamination by allergens accidentally, during production or transportation.

More recently, to test products for allergens, it was necessary to use bulky equipment. In this case, the weight of the new device only 57 grams. It works according to the method of colorimetric analysis. The principle of this chemical analysis is that concentration of a substance is detected based on the color change of the solutions.

In order to conduct this analysis, the matter should first grind and then dissolve in hot water. Then to survive the resulting solution some time and add the appropriate reagents.

The final analysis of the allergen content performs iTube platform, which is supported by the smartphone camera and a special application.

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