The sleep quality is influenced by products that a person uses in the evening

Chicken egg is the perfect product. Nutritionist Sharon Natoli says eggs produce melatonin. It is a useful hormone that allows you to adjust circadian rhythms. This substance causes a feeling of drowsiness. In addition, the chicken egg contains tryptophan. It is this acid, which allows to increase the quality of sleep. This substance has the ability to reduce levels of anxiety, the website Mir24.

Part of chicken eggs include various vitamins. They positively affect the skin, nails and hair. Micronutrients reduce the risk of cancer. Many nutrients can be found in chicken product. Most nutritionist advise to eat two eggs - one in the morning and the second in the evening. If people will eat eggs in the morning, it long time will not feel hunger. The egg has the ability to maintain weight in the normal state, slows the aging process and so on.

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