The skull trauma increases the risk of suicide among military personnel

American scientists from the University of Utah found that soldiers who suffered multiple skull injuries become more likely to commit suicide. The greater the number of traumatic brain injuries, the higher the risk of suicide. According to the Professor of psychology of the aforementioned University and also the author of the study, Craig Brian, to date has not been set, the influence of skull injuries to participants of military conflicts and how these injuries can affect the risk of suicidal thoughts with them. Conducted by American scientists, the study may provide valuable information to psychiatrists who treat wounded soldiers.

As it turned out, most often commit suicide those soldiers who have suffered a concussion or other head injury.

In research took part 160 of the military stationed in Iraq, suffered a head injury. The age of the participants in the experiment were, on average, 27 years old, and military service they consisted of 6.5 years. Scientists interested in the military, how often they are visited by thoughts of suicide. Of course, not all respondents described the suicide or attempted suicide. This question was asked to find out how high the risk of suicide among soldiers. According to Dr. Brian received the skull trauma increases the likelihood of suicide in the military, but if there are several injuries, the risk increases several times.

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