The skin condition will talk about the health of internal organs

People have always paid a lot of attention to appearance. It turns out that external youth is often a consequence of good condition of the internal organs, The Daily Mail reports. Women with young skin rarely have problems with the cardiovascular system, including arterial hypertension. This factor has a positive effect on the duration of human life. Blood pressure normal numbers guarantees low risk of developing heart attacks, strokes and angina. Scientists believe that the skin can be judged on the internal processes of aging.

Study author Dr David Gunn said that the pathology of internal organs may indicate saggy skin. This symptom is often associated with hypertension, and it is given minimal attention in the diagnosis of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

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The present study has affected more than 500 people at the age of 63. It has been proven that women with a healthy heart and blood vessels appear in the middle for a couple of years younger than the rest. For men this figure was 1.4 years, which is also a good result. Thus, the skin can serve as a good diagnostic sign that will indicate the presence of internal pathology. Many liver diseases, displacement of water and electrolyte balance, infectious diseases have cutaneous manifestations, and some pathology can occur only on the skin, which further enhances the value of the sign.

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