The size of the plates is directly linked to obesity

Excess calories consumed in a large amount of food once again named as the cause of obesity. It turns out that portions of food continues to increase worldwide, regardless of where people consume food in a restaurant or at home.

Scientists from the University of North Carolina found that for the period from 1977 to 1996 year serving in the Mexican food restaurants increased by 27 percent, the size of the burgers increased by 23 percent, and serving non-alcoholic drinks by as much as 52 percent. First line leaders took portions of chips from potatoes and crackers - 52 percent.

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Together with portions continue to grow the size of saucers. Over the past century, the size of the plates increased by 23 percent. Nutritionists offer in the fight against obesity to reduce the diameter of the circumference of the plates, serving dishes. This, somehow, will give the opportunity to control the amount of food that eats people. Nutritionists are not without reason, believe that the same portion of food in the lower plate is more impressive than the same amount of food, served in a large plate. The bezel on the edges of the plates also plays a role - it visually enlarges the portion.

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