The situations in which the physician the patient is lying?

2000 American physicians responded anonymously to the survey regarding the sincerity with their patients. It seemed that a third of the respondents never admit their patients about the assumed medical mistakes, even serious error, in 20 percent of physicians already had experience of concealing errors from patients.

Additionally, 55 percent of physicians give their patients a more optimistic prognosis of the disease, than see the situation actually is and this unwillingness to lead the patient to unnecessary experiences. The majority of physicians ( 40%) collaborates with pharmaceutical companies, therefore, often recommends a particular drug at a high price is one of the most common cheating techniques doctors.

In Russia, unfortunately, such studies have not been conducted.

Study author Professor at Harvard University Lisa Iezzoni recognizes that doctors lie not only for humanitarian reasons, but because they simply do not want to report bad news or are afraid of losing the patient that she will not like it.

Salvation from such conduct by a doctor can be absolute transparency of the treatment, the patient may require physicians to report every stage of treatment and details to be interested in the treatment plan and the upcoming procedure, in order not to give the doctor the ability to keep information to yourself.

In addition the patient should not be lazy yourself to learn more about their disease, not to self-medicate, and to ask the doctor reliable sources that he can read about it.

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