The similarity of the child's nipples will get rid of snoring

Device "Good Morning Snore Solution, very similar to a baby pacifier, allows to get rid of snoring. The principle of its action is that the tongue is slid forward by the "nipples" and is fixed in this position, leaving the airway free, writes The Daily Mail.

Large cap made of plastic is inserted into the mouth in order to "nipple" was not moved. In the middle is empty inside "light", which compresses the man, letting her air. The void should shove the tip of the tongue. When the person releases the "light bulb", the language remains trapped inside.

Is such a pleasure to 70 pounds, which in terms of rubles is about 3500 rubles. Experts believe that it can help people suffering from sleep apnea. During this syndrome airway of a sleeping person are blocked, and he stops breathing for some time, which can last up to 2-3 minutes. In addition, thanks to this device disappears snoring sound that interferes with sleep.

One of the consequences of sleep apnoea syndrome is chronic fatigue. In addition, increases the risk of occurrence and development of diseases of a more chronic nature, such as hypertension and heart disease. Thanks to this "dummy" person no longer want to use inconvenient and complicated devices used for the treatment of apnea during sleep.

This device has been tested in Canada for more than thirty volunteers. The study showed that in one night more than 30 percent of the volunteers did not Wake up at night due to dysfunction of sleep. 40 percent decreased duration of snoring, and at the end of the test, more than 70% of people said that they would like to use "Good Morning Snore Solution" longer.

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