The similarity in the genetic material of the partners is a guarantee of love for life

Big cities do not solve the problem of finding a partner, to find a soul mate in the current rhythm of life - a rather difficult task, which is complicated by the large selection. People are trying to find a partner with similar interests, attitude to life and other factors. However, the main guarantee of love for life - the similarity of the genetic code.

To such conclusion scientists in the analysis of genotype 800 pairs who were in relationships for more than 30 years. In most cases, the DNA of the partners were so similar that scientists first did not believe the results.

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While the phenomenon is difficult to explain, and to understand initially, the genotypes of two people had so many similarities or similarities were formed in the process of living together. In the future discovery will help to easily find a perfect husband or wife, and the love number of errors will be reduced to a minimum.

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